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Helen and Jamies Big Day

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

As Helen's hairdresser I have watched these two lovebirds grow and blossom and fall deeply in love, I wasn't surprised but extremely excited when they booked their wedding date and Helen asked me to book her date in my wedding hair diary it was an absolute honour, plus I was beaming with pride when Helen asked myself and Paula Pace to stay as wedding guests too I'm such a softy! Our following appointments were filled with more excited chatter of wedding planning, hair up, hair down? wedding venues, wedding dresses, flowers, photographers, I felt so honoured and special to be part of Helen and Jamie's journey of love, it's like they've never been apart, the pea to each others pod, best friends forever.

Scroll down to Enjoy Helen and Jamie's fabulous wedding pictures capturing the fun, love and laughter of their very special day.

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