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Nina and Christian got married at Byland Abbey! Real Wedding

Updated: Feb 14

Read on for Real Wedding Story - When Nina & Christian tied the knot at the incredible Byland Abbey.

Bride and Groom kiss
The Happy couple Byland Abbey

I was thrilled when I received Nina's booking for her wedding hair with me at the amazing Byland Abbey on the doorstep of North Yorkshire in the stunning district of Rydal. I am extremely lucky in my job to visit amazing wedding venues up and down the country however, this one was a first for me.

Our meeting for Nina's trial took me on a beautiful drive through Hemsley, we styled Nina's wedding hair just right and chatted excitedly about their big day and the coming wedding morning prep. Nina and

Christian's love story began on their first date in York when Christian was an hour late! Nina fell for his Italian good looks and charm, they make such a beautiful couple and spent just 8 months preparing for their big day visiting many venues but fell in love with the beautiful Byland Abbey, it's rustic charm and crumbling historical ruins.

Mirror image bride hair
Hair & Makeup Prep Bylands Abbey

I arrived bright and early as we agreed 6am to begin wedding prep at The Byland Abbey Inn, ideally situated directly opposite the ruins. The morning ran so smoothly filled with happiness, laughter and the not unusual excited nerves (we managed to keep Nina calm all part of our role ) the wedding day was finally happening.

Bridesmaids and Nina's lovely Mum all looking amazing, Nina appeared glowing with happiness and love, a stunning Bride in her Pranovias Wedding Gown from The Bridal Rogue Gallery in Harrogate, with Hair by me and wedding makeup by Gemma Rimmington, our work all done I headed over to the Abbey Ruins to capture the day in this beautiful setting. Everything was perfect, the wedding of your dreams with the sun shining and the spine tingling sounds of Harpist Elinor Nicholson, pure romance. Enjoy the fabulous and inspirational pictures capturing the total joy of Nina and Christians Wedding day by the amazing photographer Samantha Ward, and scroll down for links to the fabulous wedding suppliers who help to make your wedding day dreams come true.

In this slideshow of their amazing day watch out for the cutest little sausage dogs belonging to a friend of Nina and Christian, as a surprise the dogs Rita and Ralph are dressed up in keeping with the occasion. Nina and Christian are big sausage dog lovers, check out their cake toppers! Nina is also a huge Harry Potter fan maybe partly inspiration for the choice of the Byland Abbey ruins and Christian arranging a fabulous surprise for Nina...A beautiful snowy Owl!

Wedding hair by myself

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Wedding Venue: Byland Abbey and Byland Abbey Inn

Bridesmaid dresses:

Wedding Photographer:

Wedding flowers:

Wedding Singer:

Wedding DJ: George York

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